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H.E. Anderson Company takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality water treatment equipment on the market. No other brand matches Anderson Injectors’ reliability, accuracy, and flexibility.

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Ceres Automated Fertigation Systems

Named after the Greek Goddess of Agriculture, the new Ceres Fertigation system provides full and complete automation control of your injector, along with data collection, storage, and export capabilities.

  • Proven pumper technology combined with advanced software
  • User-friendly, intuitive interface for recipe and scheduling
  • Automatic pH and EC correction via probes
  • Full control of solenoid valves for automatic irrigation and batch tank filling
  • Scheduling based off combination of time, volume, level, input signal, float input
  • Flexible recipes allow use of multiple formations (ratio, oz/gallon, ml/gallon, %)
  • Available in many flow rates (2-20gpm, 4-40gpm, 8-80gpm, custom flow ranges)
  • Simultaneous schedules of irrigation and tank filling events
  • Subscription-free software compatible with all operating systems
  • Lifetime remote support (phone and email) with options for on-site visits
Water Pump System
Water Pump System
Circuit Board Water Pump
J+ Advanced


Ratio:Feeder ® Injection Systems

  • Combines J-Series Ratio:Feeder control w/ Ratio:Guard Monitor
  • Accuracy does not degrade over time
  • Positive displacement and volume proportioning
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Custom designs available to meet your flow and application requirements
  • Low pressure loss
  • Expandable and flexible
  • Systems can be configured for monitoring or control via ED and pH probes
  • Easily integrated with other controls for full fertigation control
  • Pre-assembled units available ready for installation.
Line Pump
Pump System
Chemical Pump
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