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Anderson Aqua AA32D Complete Injection System

Anderson Aqua Injection System

This innovative new system from H.E. Anderson combines time proven hardware with cutting edge technology to create a powerful new injection system which provides even greater control and autonomy than before.

The Anderson Aqua helps eliminate hand mixing of nutrients saving labor and material costs. The controller's Software selects different nutrient recipes for all phases of the growth cycle. It is designed to work with other greenhouse controllers to provide a complete growing solution.

Anderson Aqua Information

The AndersonAqua is an inline injection system capable of injecting nutrients and acid based on measurements from sensors. The injector can adjust itself to achieve the correct EC and pH without user intervention. It can also inject any chemical based on ratio. The system settings and data are viewed and configured through any device with a web browser connected to the local area network. Historical data of chemical levels and water flow can also be viewed.

Our time proven double diaphragm positive displacement pumps do not use any sliding seals and are powered using water pressure from the water line or compressed air. If powering system using water, a drain line is required for waste water

Systems can be customized and configured to meet your project needs.

Anderson Aqua Controller

pdf icon Anderson Aqua Specifications


Simultaneous A, B C, etc. Nutrient Solutions

The system injects multiple nutrient solutions at the same time and can be configured using multiple recipes. Number of different recipes and solutions can be customized for specific operations.

Automatically Inject Fertilizer

The controller adjusts the amount of fertilizer injected based on feedback from a highly reliable EC probe.

Automatically Correct pH

The controller adjusts acid injected based on feedback from 2 redundant pH probes. This accounts for changes in water chemistry or stock solution. The pH setpoint is easily configures in the controller's software.

Sanitizer Injection

Sanitizer can be injected based on a set ratio in the same way our time tested J Series injector functions.

Web Browser Interface

The injection system is viewed and configured through any web browser. Any device such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer can be used to view and control the system as long as it is connected to the local network.

Graphs and Data Logging

Charts showing historical data such as water flow, EC and pH levels can be viewed ensuring chemical levels are correct and allows water usage to be monitored.

Customizable Alarms

Alarms can be programmed to nofity a number of users when conditions do not meet necessary specifications. Alarms can turn on lights, buzzers or notifications can sent to smart phones via the Pushover App.

Positive displacement Double Diaphragms

Our time tested pumps ensure accuracy does not degrade over time and reduces labor and maintenance costs thanks to legendary reliability.