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H.E. Anderson Company

H.E. Anderson Company was founded in 1955 by H.E. Anderson Sr. He began designing and building his inventions in his garage and eventually created the H.E Anderson Co. The H.E. Anderson Company has always been a family owned company and is now run by H.E. Anderson Jr. Our manufacturing plant and headquarters is located in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The facility has been moved three times in its history but has been at its current location on Anderson Drive since 1963. All products are manufactured and assembled in our plant and sold through our network of distributors. H.E. Anderson does sell to customers directly when no distributor is available.

Our Mission

We value customer satisfaction above all else and strive to help them be successful. To meet this goal, we manufacture and sell the highest quality chemical injection equipment available. We concentrate on greenhouse and nursery markets though our equipment is used in a wide variety of other applications such as turf management, chicken and swine operations, industrial applications, blueberry and cranberry farms and many other agricultural uses. We are very interested in discussing opportunities anywhere a dependable chemical injection system is required.

Our Employees

Our employees make everything possible so we strive to keep the H.E. Anderson Company a place where people want to come to work and help fulfill our expectations. Several of our employees have tenures lasting over 35 years. We continue to move forward with new ideas and hire bright new employees. In 2008 , Eric Anderson, grandson of H.E. Anderson Sr. was appointed Director of Engineering to lead the H.E. Anderson Company's new product development and quality control efforts.

Our Suppliers

The H.E. Anderson Company is constantly pursuing quality suppliers that can help us reach our lofty standard of excellence. Almost all of our suppliers are ISO 9001:2008 registered companies. We also strive to keep our supply domestic to ensure short lead times and ensure high quality.

Our Products

Since 1955, H.E. Anderson Company has been producing the most reliable and accurate chemical pumps in the horticulture industry. Each product is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Made in USA

Our experience assures we will be available to help you in the future as well. Anderson Injectors are world renowned for their reliability, accuracy and unmatched quality. Many customers have Anderson Injectors that are still operating after 30 years. We take quality control very seriously. Our belief is that the cost of a quality injector up front will save more long term than purchasing a cheap injector over and over again. If you are looking to buy rest assured you will get a time tested design that we are happy to stand behind. If you are already an owner then we would like to hear about any concerns you might have.

Product History

Anderson's original product was a mechanical device to chart water flow which made detecting water leaks very easy. The first successful product was a hypo-chlorinator named the R20 Chlorinjector. It was a water powered positive displacement chemical feed pump to purify water. It was very successful because there were no good alternatives at the time. Many different sizes of water powered pumpers hypochlorinators were manufactured. Then, using the time tested pumper, an electronic system was designed eliminating many moving parts and further increasing dependability and reducing costs. The J Plus Ratio:FeederŪ is the latest generation of this technology. In December of 2010, a new larger pumper size known as the H8 was introduced. Check our website for many great new products to come.

Anderson DD-100

DD Diagram

Features and Benefits of Anderson Injectors

Low Maintenance Design

If you plan to own your injector for more than a year or two, overall cost will be lower with an Anderson injector system when compared to competing designs. Though some alternatives are cheaper up front, Anderson injectors are almost always cheaper after factoring in maintenance, replacement or repair costs.

Volume Proportioning Feed

The pumper measures the water flow so the exact amount of chemical is injected to maintain the desired ratio or PPM. This means if water in the line flows faster the pump adds more chemical to maintain the correct ratio.

Positive Displacement Pump

Positive displacement means the same volume of chemical will be pumped regardless of the pressure in the line or amount of chemical in a tank. Some feed methods, such as siphon types, do not accurately measure the feed, and the feed can change with variations in both water flow and pressure. Even the chemical level in the storage tank can affect the rate at which chemical get injected which can result in wasting money on too much chemical, or underfeeding plants.

No Sliding Seals

Maintenance pumps with no sliding seals is considerably lower than comparable pumps with sliding seals. Parts do not wear out nearly as often meaning the pump will be much more reliable due to longer part life. When sliding seal pumps start to wear out they lose accuracy. Anderson injectors do not experience this type or failure because our pumps use diaphragms to pump the liquid.

High turn down ratio.

Our injectors can be easily adjusted to achieve the perfect injection ratio or PPM with the turn of a dial. The pumper does not have to be turned off or removed from service to be adjusted.

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