High Capacity Suction Pipe

Suction Pipe


H.E. Anderson Co. now offers rigid suction suction pipes with foot valves for high capacity pump heads. These new suction pipes make fertigation easier by ensuring the suction fitting always stays at the bottom of the tank. The suction pipe can also be moved or removed for tank cleaning or mixing unlike a bulkhead fitting. 3 lengths are offered to meet the size of most stock tanks.

High Capacity Suction Pipe Information

Part # Description
19556 Suction Pipe High Capacity 2FT
19543 Suction Pipe High Capacity 3FT
19564 Suction Pipe High Capacity 5FT


  • Suction Strainer included to keep debris out
  • Viton umbrella foot valve ensures pumpers stays primed
  • H.E. Anderson factory product includes standard warranty