Water Meters Available for J Series Injectors and Anderson Aqua Injector Systems

About Water Meter

H.E. Anderson offers many different varieties of water meters. We will be happy to work to find the best meter for your specific application. Each type has certain benefits but all are the highest quality products available in the industry.

Tips for Selecting a Meter

The two main factors to consider when selecting a meter are the flow range and the pipe size. The flow through the pipe must not exceed the capacity of the water meter. However, the meter must still be able to measure at the minimum flow as well. This prevents the use of large meters to measure small flows. For example, if watering is done using a garden hose then the flow will be about 8GPM. If the water meter only measures down to 12 GPM then the flow won't be detected by the meter and the injector will not inject.

Installation restrictions also might affect which meter is most appropriate. Refer to the Meter User Manual for information on which meters require less room or straight pipe sections.

Tips for Finding Maximum Flow

If water is supplied through a municipal water line there is probably a water meter that can be used to help find the flow rate. Simply turn on all the zones or hoses and use the water meter to determine the flow rate. There is usually a description on the meter such as "20 gallons per revolution of the indicator wheel." GPM=(Gallons of Water)/(Minutes Elapsed)

If water is supplied by a well or pond then the pump's information will be required to find the maximum flow. Most pumps come with either a pump curve or a chart that indicate the maximum flow.

If only hoses are used to water then the general rule of approximately 8GPM per hose can be used to estimate the maximum flow when all the hoses are used at once.

If you would like help selecting a meter, please feel free to call our sales staff for assistance (1-800-331-9620).

pdf icon Jet Meter Manual
pdf icon Insertion Meter Manual
pdf icon Turbine Meter Manual

Insertion Paddle Wheel Meters

Insertion Meter
Part# Pipe Size Flow Range
21296 1" Insertion Meter w/Tee 0.8 to 80 GPM
21303 1.5" Insertion Meter w/Tee 1.9 to 190 GPM
21311 2" Insertion Meter w/Tee 3.1 to 314 GPM
21329 3" Insertion Meter w/Saddle 6.9 to 691 GPM
21337 4" Insertion Meter w/Saddle 12 to 1200 GPM
21345 6" Insertion Meter w/Saddle 27 to 2700 GPM
21353 8" Insertion Meter w/Saddle 47 to 4700 GPM

Adjustable Depth Insertion Meters and Saddles

Insertion Meter
Part# Description Pipe Size
18853 Insertion Meter Adjustable 10" to 48"
18832 10" Iron Saddle 74 to 7370 GPM
18843 12" Iron Saddle 105 to 10470 GPM

PVC Turbine Meters

Turbine Meter
Part# Pipe Size Flow Range
16610 3" 4 to 400 GPM
16621 4" 6 to 600 GPM
16632 6" 12 to 1200 GPM

Brass Jet Meter

Jet Meter
Part# Connections Flow Range Constant Flow Rating
14043 3/4" MNPT 1/4 to 20 GPM 15 GPM
14069 1" MNPT 3/4 to 50 GPM 30 GPM
14077 1-1/2" MNPT 1-1/2 to 100 GPM 75 GPM
14085 2" MNPT 2 to 160 GPM 120 GPM