Foot Valves and Flush Kits for Standard and High Capacity Pumps

Flush Fittings


These new products help keep injectors primed and clean. The umbrella valve on the fitting keeps the pump primes by not allowing chemical to drain out while the pump is not in use. The built in garden hose adapter allows the injector to be flushed with clean water without installing any new fittings.

Foot Valve Kit Information

Part # Description
13334 Standard Capacity 1/4" Foot Valve/Flush Fitting
13341 High Capacity 1/2" Foot Valve/Flush Fitting


Part # Description
12063 1/2" ID Braided Tubing (per foot)
06892 3/8" OD Black Tubing (per foot)
12063 3/8" OD Clear Tubing (per foot)


  • Standard and high capacity versions are available so it will work with any H.E. Anderson Pump
  • Simple design allows for easy installation
  • Makes cleaning injectors super easy to ensure a long product life
  • Saves time and chemical by ensuring injectors stay primed
  • Standard capacity fitting includes bulkhead connector