Diaphragm Replacement Kits

Diaphragm Kits


These kits include everything you need to replace worn out diaphragms. They even include replacement screws in case any were damaged or lost during installation.

Multiadapter Shutoff Information

Part # Description
08939 P4, H4 Standard Diaphragm Kit
08913 P1, P2, H1, H2 Standard diaphragm Kit
17032 A3/T4 Teflon® Diaphragm Kit
20798 A10 Teflon® Diaphragm Kit
18932 A20 Teflon® Diaphragm Kit
10661 P1, P2 Low PSI Standard Diaphragm Kit
22400 H8 Standard Diaphragm Kit


  • #1,2 & 4 kits are manufactured from EPDM which provides excellent chemical resistance
  • Acid kits made using Teflon® will resist almost any chemical attack. These diaphragms are designed to pump extremely harsh chemicals such as undiluted acids and ZeroTol™
  • H.E. Anderson Co. will happily repair your pumper for you. Click here for instructions on how to return a product for repair